Feed My Children
The P.O.P. Movement

God calls us to help those in need (I John, 3:17).  We and the community are the solution to ending starvation by providing nutritional meals, groceries and education to end hunger and prevent the cycle of poverty.

Feed My Children’s mission is to help end hunger by feeding God’s children in body and spirit by providing healthy nourishing meals and hope to children, families, homeless and elderly who are in living in poverty or at risk of hunger.

Please visit our site to donate or learn more about our programs and how YOU can get involved.  


News of economic and social injustice in disadvantaged communities across the state of Mississippi and other states is being unveiled at an alarming rate.  Unless social organizations and the business community begin to act in unison, we stand to lose yet another generation to the devastating effects of mass incarceration, economic/social injustice and poverty.  Despite these issues, the POP Movement and it’s consortium partners are seeking your help in launching a massive job creation eco system to be implemented in Mississippi and nationwide. This New Eco-System is a modeled prototype specifically designed for duplication and large scale expansion. This system has the potential to make a positive economic impact on thousands of disadvantaged individuals and communities by creating jobs and pathways of economic opportunities.  Click the button below to find out more about our initiative.  We would love for you to share in this life-changing project.